Dell: Using content strategy as an agent of change.

September 12, 2013 | No Comments

Within a large corporation, it is becoming vitally important to unite all the content marketing and all the story telling about the organization under a single simple and coherent strategy. This allows the brand to create a single voice throughout every piece of communication.


Dell recently unified their very diverse content streams by breaking down internal barriers and reducing the number of messaging sources from 3500 to 350.  Dell successfully created a programme of training across the company bringing disparate divisions under a “singular vision and strategy” for communicating brand values. They created a common language and framework for communication. This content strategy was used as a vital  “Agent of Change” helping very different departments come together towards a common vision, ahead of the launch of their 12th generation Power Edge Servers in 2012.


Uniting the brand story allows content to be diffused over a wide range of platforms, both on and offline and amplified the global message and it’s reach for the brand. Once the content strategy was unified it also became easier to push content creation up the process of development and see it as a marketing priority.