JAQ launches “La semaine pour l’emploi des personnes handicapées” for ELIOR in France

December 11, 2013 | No Comments
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In November, JAQ launched a digital campaign for the global services company Elior comprising web development, social media activations, engagement strategy and content creation to promote in their home market, France.





Elior is a leading global catering and service group, serving 3,4 million customers in 14 countries every day.


The interactive campaign was aimed at communicating Elior’s celebration of talent through their commitment to diversity within their workforce. The strategy targeted client decision makers, the disabled community and their own internal audience.


JAQ focused on the human stories behind the statistics and corporate policy, finding the best way to get the audience to engage with the stories both online and via social networks.





Raouf: A hearing impaired cook working in one of Elior's largest kitchens.