How do you GET PEOPLE USING THE BEST FEATURES of a radically different new mobile phone ?


CLIENT – PROJECT : Samsung / Liquid Thread

OBJECTIVES : The launch of the Galaxy S2 across the Indian subcontinent.




To celebrate the launch of the S2, we created compelling reasons to talk about all the phone’s new features, and capitalize on the popularity of candid camera shows on Indian TV. We devised a radically new approach linking social media and branded entertainment with a video sharing campaign based on content generated by the users of the S2, feeding the most popular examples through to a prime time branded TV show we created with some of the world’s best comedy clips.




A cutting edge innovative phone, allowing user to go much further than they ever have before. The phone as a tool to add value to their lives and those of their friends through sharing great content they have created.




• Creation of a new comedy TV show for the Indian market, made up of the best in the world of video gags

• Development of an App to allow users to create and upload their own video gags using the phone

• Design of a sharing platform online, with a voting mechanism for users to engage their friends in voting the best gags onto the TV show

• Social media activations to help spread awareness of the campaign.




Project Managers, TV production, Content Strategy consultants, Programmers, Application developers.

  • Client: Samsung
  • Project: Launching the S2 in India
  • Countries: India
  • Media: TV, Social Media, Web

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