The world is changing and the digital revolution is accelerating

April 14, 2013 | No Comments

Distribution patterns have been shattered, digital interaction and social media are dramatically changing brand relationships with consumers.

To build successful brands in this changing media landscape ‘one shot’ ad campaign strategies need to translate into “always-on” content strategies.

Brands cannot control the conversation any more, but they can stimulate, enrich and participate across the whole range of digital channels, providing utility and engagement.


At JAQ, we create content strategy. We give brands reach and relevance in today’s exponential growth of owned and earned media.

With a unique combination of marketing strategy and Transmedia content skills, we provide creative solutions to make brand marketing more agile and effective across every touch point on and offline.

Led by José Arcos and Alex Quennell, JAQ is based in Paris with offices in London and Barcelona.

We are very proud to count the Carrefour Group as our clients, for the re-launch of a number of own brand ranges worldwide.